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1 a just detectable amount; "he speaks French with a trace of an accent" [syn: hint, suggestion]
2 an indication that something has been present; "there wasn't a trace of evidence for the claim"; "a tincture of condescension" [syn: vestige, tincture, shadow]
3 a suggestion of some quality; "there was a touch of sarcasm in his tone"; "he detected a ghost of a smile on her face" [syn: touch, ghost]
4 drawing created by tracing [syn: tracing]
5 either of two lines that connect a horse's harness to a wagon or other vehicle or to a whiffletree
6 a visible mark (as a footprint) left by the passage of person or animal or vehicle


1 follow, discover, or ascertain the course of development of something; "We must follow closely the economic development is Cuba" ; "trace the student's progress" [syn: follow]
2 make a mark or lines on a surface; "draw a line"; "trace the outline of a figure in the sand" [syn: draw, line, describe, delineate]
3 to go back over again; "we retraced the route we took last summer"; "trace your path" [syn: retrace]
4 pursue or chase relentlessly; "The hunters traced the deer into the woods"; "the detectives hounded the suspect until they found the him" [syn: hound, hunt]
5 discover traces of; "She traced the circumstances of her birth"
6 make one's course or travel along a path; travel or pass over, around, or along; "The children traced along the edge of the drak forest"; "The women traced the pasture"
7 copy by following the lines of the original drawing on a transparent sheet placed upon it; make a tracing of; "trace a design"; "trace a pattern"
8 read with difficulty; "Can you decipher this letter?"; "The archeologist traced the hieroglyphs" [syn: decipher]

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  • /treɪs/


  1. A mark left as a sign of passage of a person or animal.
  2. A very small amount.
  3. An electric current-carrying conductive pathway on a printed circuit board.
  4. An informal road or prominent path in an arid area.
  5. The sum of the diagonal elements of a square matrix.


mark left as a sign of passage
  • Croatian: trag
  • Czech: stopa
  • Japanese: (ato)
  • Portuguese: vestígio


  1. To follow the trail of.
  2. To draw or sketch.
  3. To copy onto a sheet of transparent paper.


to draw or sketch
  • Portuguese: traçar

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trace f
  1. trace, track

Verb form

  1. first-, third-person singular indicative present of tracer
  2. first-, third-person singular subjunctive present of tracer
  3. second-person singular imperative of tracer

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CRT spot, DM display, Doppler signal, IF signal, IM display, Photostat, RF echoes, Xerox, account, afterglow, afterimage, annals, aroma, ascertain, balance, beam, beat signal, bit, blaze, blaze a trail, blemish, blips, block in, block out, blotch, bounces, brand, breath, brief, butt, butt end, candle ends, cartoon, cast, catalog, catch a likeness, catchword, chaff, chalk, chalk out, chalk up, character, characterize, charcoal, chart, check, check off, chronicle, cicatrize, clone, clue, color, companion, condensation trail, contrail, copy, copy out, correspondence, course, crayon, crosshatch, cue, cue word, dapple, dash, dash off, daub, dead ringer, debris, define, definite odor, delimit, delineate, demarcate, depict, design, detect, detectable odor, determine, detritus, diagram, discolor, discover, display, ditto, documentation, dog, doodle, dot, double, double-dot display, draft, draw, draw up, drop, dupe, duplicate, echo, echo signal, edit, effigy, effluvium, emanation, end, enface, engrave, engross, essence, evidence, exact likeness, exhalation, facsimile, fag end, fellow, filings, find, find out, flavor, fleck, follow, follow a clue, follow up, footprints, fossil, fragrance, freckle, fume, gash, get, gleam, hatch, hectograph, hint, history, hit, hit off, holdover, hot lead, hunt down, hunt up, husks, icon, idea, idol, image, impress, imprint, indication, infusion, inkling, inscribe, intimation, invent, inventory, investigate, iota, jot, key, key word, lead, leavings, leftovers, letters, lick, likeness, limn, line, list, living image, living picture, local oscillator signal, locate, look, make a mark, make a recension, make out, manifold, map, mark, mark off, mark out, match, mate, memento, memorial, microcopy, microfilm, mimeo, mimeograph, miniature, mirroring, model, mottle, multigraph, nick, nose, nose out, notate, notch, odds and ends, odor, offscourings, orts, outline, output signal, paint, paint a picture, parings, path, pen, pencil, pepper, photograph, picture, picturize, pipe roll, pips, piste, point, portrait, portray, prick, print, prints, proof, punch, punctuate, puncture, pursue, push the pen, put in writing, quadruplicate, radar signal, rags, reading, recense, record, recording, rediscover, redolence, reduplicate, reflection, refuse, register, registry, relic, relics, remainder, remains, remnant, render, replicate, represent, reproduce, resemblance, residue, residuum, rest, return, return signal, revise, rewrite, riddle, roach, roll, rolls, roster, rota, rough in, rough out, rub, rubbing, rubbish, ruins, rump, run down, run to earth, sauce, savor, sawdust, scar, scarify, scent, schematize, scintilla, score, scotch, scourings, scraps, scratch, scrive, scroll, scumble, seal, seam, search for, seasoning, seek, semblance, shade, shadow, shavings, sign, signal, signal display, signs, similitude, simulacrum, sip, sketch, smack, smattering, smell, smell out, sniff out, soupcon, spark, speck, speckle, spice, spill ink, spit and image, spitting image, splotch, spoil paper, spoor, spot, sprinkling, stain, stalk, stamp, stat, stench, stencil, stigmatize, strain, straw, streak, striate, strike, stripe, stubble, stump, subtle odor, suggestion, sup, superscribe, survival, suspicion, sweepings, symbolize, table, tail, taint, take a rubbing, target image, taste, tattoo, telltale, tempering, thought, tick, tick off, tinct, tincture, tinge, tint, tip-off, token, touch, trace down, trace out, trace over, traces, tracing, track, track down, tracks, trail, transcribe, transmitter signal, tread, trifle, triplicate, twin, type, underline, underscore, unearth, vapor trail, very image, very picture, vestige, video signal, wake, waste, whiff, write, write down, write out
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